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11:00am – Worship Service

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8080 AMF Drive
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8/2/20 11:00 AM Live Stream Service

Note: Please be advised that the above link will lead you to YouTube. YouTube automatically suggests other videos to watch when you pause the above recording and when it runs to completion. This feature of YouTube’s platform is beyond the control of Harvest Christian Fellowship, as well as its leadership and staff. Thank you.

Hello Harvest Family!
Welcome to this week’s live stream service.
This is not meant to take the place of gathering together in person, but we pray it’s an encouragement to you and will bring honor and glory to God. 
For those planning to attend in person this week, please take the following precautions for the sake of each other:
(1) Please verify at home that your temperature is not elevated above normal.
(2) If you have any symptoms of illness, please remain home and join us online.
(3) Masks will be required by all in attendance who are age 10 and older.
(4) Maintain a distance of 6 feet between families during our service. 

If you need help connecting on Sunday morning, you can reach out to either
Bill Lowery 804-238-0724
Daniel Westfall 434-533-0366
They will be happy to assist you either by text or phone call.
We’ve planned some familiar hymns to sing during the live stream service as well. Please follow along with the words on the screen and let’s lift up His name together in song, in prayer, and in the reading and preaching of His Word.
May God be with us until we meet again.
–Pastor Joel

 1) The live stream will not be active until 10:45 am on Sunday morning.  Prior to that time, you will see a splash screen similar to the image above.
2) To start the live stream after 10:45 am on Sunday, you may need to click the play arrow at the center of the video box.
3) If we have trouble streaming the service, you may see a spinning indicator overlaid on the video box. Please wait a few minutes to see whether we can resolve the problem.  If not, we will have a full recording of the service available for playback later in the week.
4) If you need help connecting on Sunday morning, Bill Lowery (804-238-0724) and Daniel Westfall (434-533-0366) will be available via text or cell phone to assist.