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Sunday School


Theology @ 9

We informally refer to our Sunday school program as our “theology @ 9.” Why? Well, partly because classes for all ages begin at 9:00AM each Sunday; but also because we strive diligently to ensure our classes are saturated in sound theology. Our Sunday school classes are designed to promote genuine intimacy and fellowship within the church; yet, they are more than just a weekly Sunday morning social club with a lesson attached. Our teachers are challenged to prepare well and to spur our members on towards a well-balanced orthodoxy (right thinking) and orthopraxy (right living).

Our children and youth Sunday school classes are age-graded with promotion Sunday occurring the first Sunday in September. All children & youth classes follow the Gospel Project curriculum.

Adult Classes rotate through 13-week quarterly sessions. Current offerings include:

Gospel Project – Chronological, Christ-centered journey through the storyline of Scripture. Participants will encounter God’s plan of redemption in Scripture through study of the biblical narrative, the essential doctrines of the faith, and the call to join in God’s mission locally and around the world. Fall 2022 study is From Rebellion to Exile. In 1 Kings to 2 Chronicles, the Israelites experienced firsthand the promise of God’s discipline and judgment for rebellion—ultimately exile—but not without His mercy and patience to call His people back to Himself through His prophets. Travis Taylor & Wayne Walker will be teaching this class in their current room.

Discipling – Capital Hill Baptist Core Seminar – Every believer is called to the work of discipling.  Only a few will be called upon to preach; only a few will lead public worship; or even teach large groups.  However, it is the contention of this class that every Christian is called by God to contribute to the disciple-making work of the church through deliberate, mutually encouraging relationships.  This is primarily what we are thinking about in this class—the interpersonal relating to other people that we ourselves can initiate.  Barry Taylor & Shad Gilley will be teaching this class in the sanctuary.