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Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School (VBS) remains an effective way to reach our community and the children at HCF with the Gospel. During an intense week of teaching, games, singing, and hands-on learning, students are exposed to biblical themes that ultimately point to their need of a Savior and God’s provision of the same through His Son Jesus Christ. Even snack-times are exciting and focus on the central theme being taught!

Mystery Island VBS
July 26-30, 2021

Harvest Christian Fellowship
8080 AMF Drive Mechanicsville, VA

VBS is for children who have just completed grades K-8.

Is there just one God? . . . Who is God? . . . What is God like? . . . Does God love me? . . . Can I know God?

Our kids grapple with questions like these every day. At Mystery Island, we’ll uncover the truth about our Creator God! There’s a sea of confusion about who God is and what he’s like, so we’ll track down the one true God and learn how amazing he is through the pages of Scripture.

Mystery Island VBS is packed with teaching that connects the Bible to the real world and gives kids a better understanding of our awe-inspiring Creator and the salvation he offers through Jesus Christ.

Each day, kids will learn more about one of God’s amazing attributes (great, almighty, ruler, Emmanuel, trustworthy) and how that applies to their lives.

Grab your sunscreen and get ready for a taste of paradise as you track down the one true God at Mystery Island!

If you are a member at HCF: It is our prayer that you will embrace our VBS ministry wholeheartedly this year. Whether you have no children, little children or grown children, VBS should matter to you. It is our opportunity to recommit to our first love as followers of Christ – sharing the gospel with others!

You can learn more about this year’s theme at Answers In Genesis.

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