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Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry encompasses students in grades 6-12.  While there is obviously particular attention paid to those in this category, the youth group is simply one part of the larger body of HCF.  As such, philosophy and ministry are in line with, and are an extension of, the overall purpose of HCF: to bring glory to God. This happens as we keep the Gospel at the center of all we are and do: consistently proclaiming it, growing in our understanding of it, and living in authentic fellowship with one another because of it. Youth are trained in this purpose through exposition of the Word of God, exposure to fundamental doctrines of the faith, mission, ministry, and service opportunities, and times to allow true intimacy to be developed with each other and those of all ages in the body.

Sunday Night Youth Gathering:
Midweek gatherings (4:30-6:00PM) are central to our youth ministry. These gatherings include focused times of worship (prayer, Bible study, as well as games/sports, much laughter, and food. Behind the laughter and energy there is the sincere desire to build unity among our youth, their families, and the entire church body. Among the greater goals for youth ministry is an intense yearning to equip our young people with truth, prepare them to think biblically on their own, and ready them to engage their culture which is increasingly hostile to the Christian world view.

Fuge Camps:
In addition to local youth outings and gatherings off site, our youth typically participate in summer Fuge Camps. This week tends to be an intense spiritual challenge and time of growth and development for our youth and their friends. For more insight into these camps go to

Youth Lock-In at American Family Fitness:

Here is something fun for our youth over their spring break. We have currently reserved April 8th for a lock in at American Family Fitness in Mechanicsville. It will be a night filled with fun, laughter, food, games, some pool time, and most importantly, Bible study and sharing the Gospel. The time to drop off your youth is 10 PM and you would need to pick them up at 6 AM. We encourage your youth to bring a friend or two. The best news is that there is no cost to you! There is a waiver that will have to be signed and brought with them. If you have questions or want to volunteer as a chaperone, please contact Jonathan Atkinson at or804-441-2695.