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What If?

What if the skeptics are wrong? What if the Bible IS right? What if there’s more to life than just what we can see? What if things don’t end in a slow ride in a hearse? What if judgment day is real? What if Hell is real? What if Heaven is real?

Most of us inherently realize that, as wonderful as things can be at times, the world is filled with brokenness. Families are broken. Relationships are broken. Race relations are broken. At our very core we are all broken. We long for love, peace, joy, patience, and kindness; yet, injustice, disharmony, fear, anxiety and anger are all too prevalent. That’s bad news. We live in the middle of brokenness.

Deep down inside we realize that there is a God who created the cosmos, owns the world, and has claim over our lives. We inherently sense that our natural motives, thoughts, and deeds are not pleasing to God and that they bring us guilt and shame. This “natural” condition is called sin. Our response, because of sin, is to run away from God, to suppress the truth, and/or convince ourselves that there is no God. In short, our natural relationship with God is—broken.

There IS good news though in the midst of all the chaos. We need not remain broken forever. God does not relish in our pain, loneliness, anxieties, guilt, or shame. He alone is the way to peace, joy, and wholeness.

If you’re desperate, hopeless, living a meaningless life and/or just sense that something is wrong—and you need answers—we encourage you to read The Bible. Perhaps start in the Book of John and ask God to open your eyes to His truths.

We encourage you to visit HCF on Sunday. If you can’t visit us, please contact us and we will recommend a good church close to you so that you can visit there.

In the meantime, you might like to take a look at one or more of the following links. We’re glad you found this website and we’re praying that you will come to know the truth and that the truth will set you free. For whomever Jesus sets free, is free indeed!

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